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My owlbear journal

This project started as a challenge to myself, to see if I could make a book.
With only a vague idea what it should be about, I started illustrating and from there it slowly grew.
I learned a lot about writing, editing, changing punctuation in fonts and everything else that you need to know when you print a book.
The process has been exiting and exhilarating, even more so now that I am finally able to share this little work of art, my love letter to DnD, with other enthusiasts.

The story unfolds through the journal and notes of a researcher captivated by owlbears. It tells about preconceived notions, experiences in different landscapes and exciting discoveries on how to live alongside nature.

Included in the purchase are; the book itself, a certificate of authenticity, three folders with stats in accordance with 5th edition DnD and a little handout instruction manual for a magically powered photo camera and correspondence with the friend who lent it to the main character.

This is a pre-order. The order period will run from 1-12-2022 until 31-12-2022 and the planned shipment date will be the last week of January.

The artbook measures 22 x 21 cm. There’s 32 pages and half of those are filled with watercolor illustrations and there’s also three photographs that capture the owlbears 😉
The prints are done on 160 grams Biotop; a heavy off white paper with a nice smooth touch.
The book is hand bound with a leather cover but there’s also a paper cover option for those who prefer that.
There is a handful of color choices. I will contact you about your color preference.
I only have enough material for two books in each color, which makes the cover more unique to you.
If there’s a lot of orders, more material will be purchased and more colors will become available.

The book costs €70,00 excl shipping.

Order here:

I will contact you on the subject of shipping, payment (bankwire or paypal) and what color cover you choose.

Estimated shipping costs:

The Netherlands €5,00
Europe €10,00
Worldwide €20,00

If you have any questions, contact me:

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